Thursday, 16 October 2008

Suspense story

This is the suspense story i have written:

Huffing and puffing after a 3 mile sprint, Carrie stood next to a bus shelter alone. She had promised her friend that she would meet her here. It was getting darker by the minute and Carrie started to shiver. It was also becoming colder. A cold, icy breeze swept through the park, gently rubbing against her face. Rustling leaves started to twirl around gracefully like ballet dancers. Carrie took out her phone and punched in Kelly’s number. It started to ring but there was no answer. She tried again but still no answer. Carrie decided to walk back home. Walking down the road she noticed a dereliced house. Out the corner of her eye she spotted a dark shadow. Taking no notice she kept on walking.
Then she heard it, footsteps. Carrie froze. She looked around nervously but she could see no-one. There it was again the shadow. This time it darted up the road and entered the house. Somehow it seemed to be dragging the girl with it. Carrie tried to turn back but the force was too strong. After struggling to escape she had to go into the house. She knew it. But what was inside? She wondered. No time to think know, it was a matter of life and death. The dark atmosphere made it difficult to see. Unexpectedly candles lit up transforming the environment to a light, cosy place. But it was nothing like cosy. Skulls were hanging from the ceiling, skeletons were on the floor, bones were scattered around everywhere and blood stains were wherever you looked. Then she heard the same footsteps again but this time they were much louder, as if they were right behind her. Carrie turned round very quickly to see a skeleton holding a dagger just about to kill her. An army of other skeletons awoke and started approaching her. Is this the end of my life? She wondered..................

suspense writing

I will be sending in a suspense story later on in the week so i hope you enjoy it

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


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